Solving my lazy habits

I wasn’t able to come up with a better title.

Greetings people.

I’ve been lately updating less with each passed week, which is a thing that shouldn’t happen and I’m completely guilty about; and at the same time, I’m really looking forward to getting back to the old schedule (which is one update on Monday, another one in Wednesday and another in Friday, in case you’re new to my projects).

And I must confess that I’ve done unnecessary breaks to the point that my “be on fire” feeling -so to speak- started to decrease, and therefore my productive input was decreased as well. That’s the start of the burnout and even laziness. Every artist at least knows these two different feelings, and hopefully they know that these terms are not the same. Burnout is the exhaustion after you finish working on your page, panel or even an entire web page configuration, and then you have nothing to aim for, and laziness is when you say “I rather not do that at the moment“. I’ve been having these two issues mixed and it’s a mess, specially when living in a noisy place (which more reason to get up and to work at night, mid-night, and early morning).

I’ve lately got new ideas for new webcomics and some of these have potential (form my point of view at least). The issue is, that even if I put one or even more new webcomics I’ll have even more work piled up and with the job I’ve got it’s going to be very, let’s say, hectic, it could lead to more stressful days that also could lead me to write rants like in this one in one of my pages of The Yuri Paradise. And I don’t like ranting about my private life, and in retrospective, the fact that some parts of my private life went in the way to my personal projects was the reason I wrote it because I thought that was one hell of a day. And I’m not saying “hell” in the literal meaning, it’s just the expression.

Right now, at the moment I’m writing this, I have A Yurist Closet, The Yuri Paradise, AsFoxger Comics and Geek Roommates in progress. And I had three potential ideas for weeks and two of these were an adventure/comedy one and a hentai (yes, another hentai) but then I thought in something: I thought in mixing these ideas together and the final result would become into the adventure/comedy one, dismissing the hentai thing. That actually helped me because 1) These ideas were similar with each other and 2) I won’t have to worry about two more webcomics instead of one.

With that in mind, that leaves me with the third idea I got… but I won’t say much about this one. I prefer it to be a surprise. 😛

I’m digressing. I tend to do it often. It’s a bad habit I got.

My schedule has always been chaotic, and more than ever it’s been a mess, so I’ll go to the point: I’m going to do the schedule of  one panel per day, for all projects. This doesn’t apply to A Yurist Closet and AsFoxger Comics. That way I won’t be delaying anything and if this goes well, my input will increase with the time and if I draw faster, I may be doing more fanart or even better, add one webcomic or more.

Joe Rogan said something like “Write down everything you wanna do”. I think I’m going to apply for this example.

I’ll tell you how it worked out for me later.

Take care, everyone!


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