Metal Girls Galaxy and Purity will come back, with “something else” in the works

I have no idea which first words should go on this entry, but I can tell you that I’ve been planning (and writing) for several months.

In August 27 in 2018, I wrote this in Deviantart, Minds and Gab, but I’ll link it on DA because it’s easier to find. Long story short: I stopped making Purity R because it’s only half of the story, making things complicated and causing readers to not be interested on PR; and I stopped making Metal Girls Galaxy because I was way too ambitious with a specialized wiki with planets, factions… even the description of the nebulae and the average temperature of each planets (crazy, huh?), and because I attracted more readers in the Beta Comics (comic strips I made for practice) than in the later ones that focused more in the story.

The last point could be countered if I provide some statistics. Keep in mind that these stats are from last month, July 2019. The top numbers in the center (see pic below) almost reached 125 page visits with almost 25 visitors.

MGG Views July 2019

As I keep updating my other comics, that are A Yurist Closet, Geek Roommates and The Yuri Paradise, these numbers on Metal Girls Galaxy rise up.

I know it was a whole year ago since I left these projects, but I kept watching out for the possibility of giving Metal Girls Galaxy a comeback and continue -particularly since I started to draw the anime style on the eyes.

What about Purity R?

Given that the story is a complete mess without the infamous visual novel I made in 2012, people won’t care if I continue the project because they won’t know what’s happening if knowledge about the story of the VN is required. So continuing with this webcomic is pretty much useless and a waste of time. But I’m blessed that at least it was the comic that helped me develop my drawing style with human anatomy and draw more than stick-men and also be willing to get in new territory for learning.

Test Practice works

Even if took me nearly a decade, I managed to get my shit together and be actively willing to improve. And after receiving feedback in 2018 with the suggestion of making the anime eyes without sacrificing the human anatomy I always use for tracing (hell, even I made a video on tracing with 3D models and despite it’s having dislikes only, I got to wonder how dislikes equals “I don’t have any counter-arguments about your numerous points, but you are wrong so there’s a dislike for you because why the dialogue” and which of these actually watched the whole video or simply gave up before reaching the minute 2:00 and hit dislike).

I’m digressing again. Like I said before, I tend to do it lately.

But anyway, some people might assume that I prefer putting anime eyes because I received that feedback and because I like anime. Although these reasons are valid, the main reason I decided to draw anime eyes was because they were more expressive than the previous times I’ve drawn these smaller eyes. Sure, the smaller eyes can express on their own, but the anime eyes can display a wider range of emotions than the ones I’ve drawn previously. That’s the point.

So, if Purity R can’t continue, what I’m going to do about it? Well it’s simple. I’m going to start over again from the very beginning under a different title and under many changes. Many of these changes include changes on the main story (because I’m aware that there are things that are ridiculous even if it’s on fiction), a larger storyline, the constant exchange between 4-koma and traditional panels, and new characters.

In a nutshell, I’ll continue Metal Girls Galaxy and I’ll restart Purity.

Keep in mind that some of these characters have the design slightly changed and drastically changed. And honestly I’m using these pics I’ve drawn with the anime style as an excuse just to test the WordPress feature of uploading several pics at once.

First here you have the ones of Metal Girls Galaxy:

And then the ones of Purity, or the name I’m going to change:

And on a final thing I have before I log off, here you go, characters I’m planning for something else:

And who are these people?” you might ask. Well, that’s going to have to wait.

Take care!

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