Three comic strips per week

It’s been a wild week of updates. I released a new webcomic, I uploaded three times on different projects which one of them is the new webcomic: Alias from Purity, I decided to wake up much earlier so I could work in peace without anyone bothering me, and feels good having that momentum of work done, because after drawing several panels, mounting pages, and uploading these including the Subscribestar rewards, it gives you a more positive feeling when you’re sleeping than sleeping without having done all that work. The same thing goes for playing videogames or watching something, I enjoy the shit of it more after doing the work.

I previously talked about a schedule and about doing one panel per project every day, and keeping in mind that there are more webcomics in progress, frankly it’s not a very realistic way of keeping everything updated weekly, so I decided to try for another way: keep at least three comics updated weekly. And the next fanart drawings I’m planning don’t count to this number. When I was drawing this summer vacation I discovered some things about my skills and at each drawing and panel I made, my tracing went slightly faster.

A Yurist Closet will still be updated on Mondays (and Tuesdays, it depends of many things) at higher priority than others.

Take care!

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