Name: A_Xandra
Age: 24
Race: Human, Metal Girl
Traits: Kind, Attractive, Shrewd, Scholar, Lustful, Strategist, Emotional, Gamer.
Planet of birth: Ranu IV
Occupation: Freelance explorer
Weapon: Missiles in her left arm and rockets in her right arm
Other special skills: Engineering skills and repair equipment inside her arms

A_Xandra is one of K_Noa’s partners. She’s the first one who found K_Noa when she was about to wake up in a dangerous place, then she managed to get her out of there. She made a few inquiries and concluded that the Metal Girl she rescued has the name of K_Noa and there’s the existent clue of her family… only that they don’t know their apparances nor their names… nothing.

For personal reasons (probably because A_Xandra finds K_Noa attractive) she decided to help K_Noa in her journey to find her family in the middle of the galaxy. Besides, she’s always there to help K_Noa understand cultures, traditions, races… something that K_Noa knows nothing about.

Her hands are human but they can be folded small to insert themselves inside her metallic arms just to be replaced with weapons stored in her arms.

Her blue suit protects her skin in case her shields are down, the suit is soft and comfortable, yet it acts like a bulletproof vest. Her shown cleavage helps her in diplomatic situations… thanks to two reasons. Her feet has thrusters, but they are so weak that they can only work in zero gravity. Perfect to make emergency repairs outside her ship. Her glasses can be used to scan everything in sight, like monsters, aliens, planets, even systems; like having Internet with a cam in the glasses.

A_Xandra is the only one in the group that has a shield that protects her from the vacuum in space, however if the shield gets heavily damaged, the girl will be exposed to the effects made by the vacuum. Something that she has to avoid at all costs.

She is a well-known figure in Ranu IV. Her wealthy family provided her suit and personal ship to explore the galaxy, record everything she can and post it in her famous blog. That’s how she makes a living.

She’s a nymphomaniac in secret, she enjoys having sex with females and males; humans and other species… with online virtual porn games with role-playing settings. Due to recent and unknown events, she has less free time to enjoy these activities. She also loves playing videogames with her fans online.