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Who are you and what is this?

I’m a black man with an inexplicable face who is wearing a dark red detective cosplay outfit, and this is my website where I post my comics, drawings, etc. My name is AsFoxger, my friends call me AF, Fox, or Daniel.

What are your comics about?

Mainly comedy of two categories! The black comedy and comedy for everyone since I’m aware that black comedy is not tasteful for all audiences. While I began with black comedy with my first comic project A Yurist Closet, I decided to give it a go with comedy that more people enjoy without sacrificing my older comic. I tried going for other genres along my journey but it seems comedy is the one that most people find entertaining.

How are you “banned and offensive”?

By offensive, I always enjoyed controversial works that made a cultural shock in society, such as the videogames of Grand Theft Auto, DOOM, or Hatred to put a few popular examples. Nowadays almost every work I find (specially comics, movies in Hollywood, every AAA videogame…) is made with cuddling words and weak and childish jokes just to not offend anyone, this practice doesn’t particularly appeal to everyone who want to have fun, including me. So one day I asked myself “Why don’t I do something?” so I started drawing comics in Internet by myself with A Yurist Closet in 2015, a dark comedy parody of Madoka Magica related to the Yuri anime genre in anime.

As an artist, it’s one of my missions to provide support, entertainment, escapism, comfort and solace to my readers. In various of my comic strips I promote themes such as love, hope, determination, helping others in need… themes that are mainly about finding strength to keep living trough painful and difficult times in the face of adversity.

By banned, I used to depend heavily on a webcomic hosting service named Comicfury for years and one day they unjustly suspended me permanently without warning and without evidence after I uploaded a comic page they didn’t like. I invite you to read it by yourself.

But more importantly, whether you feel offended or not, I encourage you to enjoy my comics, and remember that you have the right to not read anything you dislike.

When does it update?

I try to update it two times per week.

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