A Yurist Closet #100 – Party Hard

AYC #100 - Party hard-ENG-CENSOR by AsFoxger

Read the uncensored version here: http://ayuristcloset-eng.the-comic.org/comics/100/
Lee la versión sin censura aquí: http://ayuristcloset-spa.the-comic.org/comics/100/
Read the censored version in DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/asfoxger/art/AYC-100-Party-hard-ENG-CENSOR-790341881
Lee la versión censurada en DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/asfoxger/art/AYC-100-Party-hard-SPA-CENSOR-790341896

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A new path to follow

As you know, I decided to get my stuff together a while ago (actually, a month), when I announced that I need to make a few major decisions, in Deviantart, in Minds, and in Gab.

I won’t go with the details, but after deciding to stop using Facebook, Tumblr and Patreon, my mind went on a perpetual state of fear, and despite it’s a very common thing to be afraid of something constantly, it’s not a healthy state to be for days… hell, even for months. I kept asking myself “What do I do in order to showcase my art, if Facebook monitors your PC history, if Tumblr doesn’t allow porn anymore, if Patreon can delete someone for political reasons…?”, while it’s good to ask myself these questions, I never attempted to search engine it.

Despite everything going on, I still managed to continue with my webcomic A Yurist Closet, practicing with a more anime style doing fanarts, revising (in secret, everything has to be said) how to continue my adult comic A Yuri Paradise… and yet I don’t feel like I have like a website that I consider a home for me. Not exactly a home replacement for my actual home, but like an artistic home for an index for all my works, a lighthouse for everyone who is curious about my drawings and comics…

A major problem I was having while I was sharing my projects is that every site I have (without asfoxger dot com) has their own audience, and while I use this website, the main purpose of it is to showcase my creations. But nothing else.

So, from now on, I will be sharing my updates here with every entry. Each update I make on DeviantArt, Minds, Gab, and some site coming soon -that I don’t intend to share yet ;)- I’ll post here so people visiting here (because there are people visiting this site regularly) will know when I posted something.

Also, I’ve set up my new SubscribeStar account so you can donate monthly (if you want) in order to support me. If you can’t give me money for some reason, you can always help me by sharing my work with others!

Lastly, I am very grateful for you, my fans, watching my work. I may make mistakes, but I’m always looking to go forward. In the past, I couldn’t get three webcomics working at the same time for issues related to time and emotion factors (there are many issues, but these two are the main ones), however, thanks to a new mindset I recently acquired, I believe I can keep four webcomics updated! And it’s thanks to you who motivate me to keep drawing and keep looking forward.

Take care, everyone!