The hologrines were the first ones to discover very advanced technology, the first ones to discover how to apply the Casimir effect in wormholes, the first ones to discover how to colonize gas giants, and the first ones to manage space movement without any need of cosmic strings (hyperspace travel) for traveling around several systems.

The hologrines are one of the most superior species in the Asteron galaxy, capable to shift their appearance without any effort, regenerate their crystallized skin, and able to communicate mentally with each other, no matter how much distance are around the more than 15 billions of inhabitants in more than 8 systems around the entire galaxy. For a very long time, the hologrines didn’t have the humanoid they have, they had a polygonal appearance and were very tall; however since the hologrines signed to join the United Systems federation, they were asked to change their apperance by default into something less offensive. Then the hologrines agreed and turned into humanoid and blue beings.

The hologrines form a collective and pacifist empire, they believe that science is the answer to everything but that doesn’t mean that they can’t protect themselves, they won’t hesitate to use weapons to defend themselves.

On the subject of reproduction, these beings don’t require a partner to breed. In fact, a hologrine doesn’t need to consume nutrients, but with enough nutrients they’ll be able to give birth instantly.

They are able to recreate holograms and turn them into solid holograms for various purposes, however they shouldn’t materialize many solid holograms because they’ll occupy too much space in their minds (the easiest description for them is that their minds act like they are their computer RAM, the bigger and powerful are their solid holograms, the more space will be taken), so the most recommended thing for hologrines is to materialize their solid holograms, when they are done they’ll have to unmaterialize them in order to get their space back.

A few billion of the hologrine population participate in the Metal Girls project, despite this, they only prefer the subtle changes and cerebral implants because the metal parts of their bodies are not compatible with their crytallized skin.

Their average lifespan is 240 years.