Name: K_Noa
Age: Unknown (Age appearance: 18)
Race: Human, Pirated Metal Girl
Traits: Determined, Cynical, Diligent, Quick, Stealthy, Uncultured.
Planet of birth: Unknown
Occupation: Unemployed
Weapon: Thermal energy with photonic blasts by using her hands

K_Noa is the main character of the story. She was found with absolutely no memory by A_Xandra, she doesn’t know who she is, and the corrupted data A_Xandra found about her only says her name and the existence of a family of hers. Considering that, K_Noa started a journey with A_Xandra, S_Nia and L_Dia to look for her family… in the entire galaxy. That is her personal and sole goal because she wants to know more about herself, what kind of person she is and why she’s a Metal Girl without memories.

Her weapons consist in her own hands that make photonic blasts appear with thermal energy, burning the target on a small radius. She can also do sneaking activities properly, such as infiltration missions.

While K_Noa adquired quickly some common sense, she doesn’t have any knowledge about the galaxy, races, culture… even simple things like how to sit correctly.

A major issue she has is that she can’t learn skills due to a chip integrated in her motherboard. She’s still able to save memories, but the following ones related to learning any kind of practical skill like using computers, piloting ships or even using pistols can’t be saved, no matter how well she’s taught. By default, she only has combat skills related to her weapons.

She isn’t very charismatic, in fact, her personality is cold and blunt yet she doesn’t look intimidating or dangerous either due of her appearance, which is an inconvenience for scaring bandits or interrogations under torture, amongst other issues related to diplomacy as well.

Due to many of her human parts were replaced by metallic parts, her armor is attached and can’t be removed. So it’s impossible for K_Noa to be naked.