Name: L_Dia
Age: 114 (Age appearance: 32)
Race: Hologrine, Metal Girl
Traits: Strong, Slow, Social, Kind, Patient, Honest, Trusting, Proper.
Planet of birth: Lyra VII
Occupation: Tour guide
Weapon: Big Hammer
Other special skills: Shields creation

L_Dia is the strongest Metal Girl in the group. She’s also the most friendly and peaceable, she doesn’t think twice when there is someone who needs any kind of help.

Long time ago, L_Dia was involved in a space project, but something went wrong and eventually L_Dia got lost in space with a very small ship, drifting away from her home system. After years of constant contact with her species, they finally managed to find her… Though she developed a fear for space.

After she was rescued, L_Dia quit participating as an astronaut and decided to make a peaceful living by working in a hotel for tourists who go to Lyra VII enjoying their vacation.

Years passed and one day she gets a visit from A_Xandra, telling her that she discovered a pirated Metal Girl (that is K_Noa) and needed help. L_Dia didn’t seem convinced at first, but then she agreed to join to her journey mostly because S_Nia -who was with them at the time- was interested in her.

Her weapon is a big hammer that is stored in her mind as a Hologrine. She can materialize it as a solid hologram, and can fuse it with her hand for a better grip and better momentum. L_Dia can create a shield using her hammer to protect the ones behind her.

As a Hologrine, she’s able to speak with the entire race mentally like a hive mind. Thanks to that, she’s able to speak with her family and request for assistance at any time.

L_Dia has a large family, with 12 children, 7 males and 5 females. Most of them reached the adulthood and received a refined education; while they are worried about their mother, they agree that it was her choice to go with S_Nia and the others.