Metal Girls Project

The best description for a Metal Girl is a cyborg. Half-human (or other species) and half-robot generally. There are different grades to consider someone a Metal Girl, from subtle changes (like a chip in the brain) to very obvious changes (like having steel parts instead of the organic ones in the body). There are Metal Boys as well, though the Metal Girls are more popular in the galaxy.

The purpose for creating Metal Girls is nothing else than augmentation with different motives, like having extra intelligence, healing heavily wounded people, removing diseases or disorders that are impossible to remove with another way, creating defense modules inside the body… Though the most common reason amongst the clients is for self-defense measures, having weapons inside the body is the most popular choice.

Since the project Metal Girls began, it became popular soon around several systems because it offered many purposes, helping people to improve their traits to find better jobs, to become a much better figure in society by adquiring social skills faster… Though it’s also used for more subjective reasons, like impressing someone, or dangerous reasons like killing someone.

While this project successfully improved the economy in many systems, there is the other side of the coin: piracy. There are several factories outside the empires’ borders that manufacture Metal Girls and thanks to that, the pirated Metal Girls need to upgrade only within these factories. Most of these factories have darker purposes, like putting the Metal Girls into slavery, illegal prostution, or even causing wars with weapons without jurisdiction.

If a pirated Metal Girl tries to upgrade herself in a controlled factory, she’ll cause a public crime automatically. There were violent attacks coming from pirated Metal Girls to the official factories that heavily damaged the industry, and the governments decided to make a law that every pirated Metal Girl gets detected, it’s considered a threat.

Metal Girls normally have augmented senses, like eyes with zoom, improved sense of smell… Which make them the best candidates for almost any kind of job.

In general, Metal Girls have common features, prepared for any kind of situation more oriented to self-defense:

  • A shield that protects them from damage from their enemies. Depending of the Metal Girl’s core, the shield will have a low, medium or high regeneration.
  • Energy to be able to use energy-based weapons (laser, plasma, etc), regenerate ballistic ammunition, use electronic devices like cloaking… or more simpler things like sprinting, depending of the user’s body build, the usage of energy will be low or high (if the user’s body is strong, they’ll consume less energy than the users with weak bodies). Depending of the Metal Girl’s core, it will have high, medium, or low regeneration.
  • Health regeneration. This is the most important aspect of a Metal Girl, because that’s a matter of survival. The average Metal Girl’s regeneration is very low, given that their health processor is constantly analyzing their body, blood cells, diseases… Not to mention that if a body part gets mutilated, it will take months, even years to recover their parts back; this is the worst-case scenario, and external medical assistance with better equipment is needed to help the mutilated Metal Girl.
  • A weapon of choice. Most Metal Girls have the privilege to choose their main weapon/s, and it can be of almost any type (some certain weapons are not approved by the law), and how many weapons they’ll have.