Purity – Three years back


2011. The year when the fate of the world hung in the balance by a secret war between two societies with colossal technology, “The Academy” and “The Monolith” for the corrupt corporations that created them can benefit themselves economically and manipulate the public opinion by using massive misinformation. Everything happened with the tragedy of a young man from the Reina family for just being in the wrong place in the wrong moment.


One of the Reina brothers faced several situations in the school where he went: his girlfriend cheated on him, he was blamed for two attempted murders he didn’t commit, he got away from the school unseen, and his best friend had a car accident for making a phone call for help.


Just after that, he suffered an attack by the Monolith with radioactive exposure. An uncertain amount of time later, he woke up in the Academy transformed into a girl with gray skin, free from radiation, fortunately.



A skilled and mysterious veteran, Akari, decided to tutor her and explain her role in the society: make missions by using bipedal war machines in order to acquire world peace, if possible. After the newcomer assimilated that, she decided to redo her new life under the nickname of Alias, leaving her previous identity at the same time Akari was progressing with her mysterious research in secret.


Meanwhile, Stein was an addict to a drug. He discovered a traitor in the Academy and managed to defeat him in a duel, preventing him to reveal the location of the Academy.



Alias then met Cailin, a sniper with a quarter of her skull mutilated and replaced with robotic and mechanic parts, and Aurelia, an amnesiac teenage girl without arms very dependent of Cailin. In a short amount of time they managed to become good friends, and together they performed a mission to eradicate a dangerous virus that unfortunately affected Aurelia, reducing her lifespan drastically.




A couple of days later, Alias met Julia, she explained Aurelia’s situation. Then Julia decided to investigate by herself the location of the Monolith, since there was a cure for the virus.



Aurelia found a possible clue for her parents’ murder, she started a vengeance mission, meeting the murderer in an isolated place with Cailin as reinforcement. After she beat him, she stopped being the innocent girl she was…


Alias received the mission to defend her native city, where her family lived. After an intense fight with the invader machine, the latter destroyed various buildings, and her family lived in one of them. Alias returned to the Academy with her morale shattered.


After Aurelia’s revenge, she received some mechanical limbs that delay the action of the virus thanks to one of the best doctores of the Academy, Eveline. The latter also revealed that she was her mother, she was reunited with all that was left of her family.


Julia found Alias in her room with a serious depression, they became intimate and fell in love with each other. Julia explained her chronic insomnia: she wasn’t able to sleep unless she was with someone who gives her security and confidence. She also revealed the location of the Monolith, suggesting a revenge mission against them.




In that moment, the Academy was being under attack, and both girls barely managed to escape. After evacuating with the bipedal robots, they gathered in an isolated place with Cailin, Aurelia, Eveline and Stein. They received an order from Akari remotely to attack the Monolith, however, when they were going for it, they were intercepted and captured.

Akari was working as a double agent for the Monolith, but she revolted due of a weapon about to be activated that could destroy the whole planet. She killed her boss and released her partners, explained the situation, including that Alias’s brother was still alive (it seemed that he wasn’t in the destroyed city), giving her back the hope she previously lost.


Alias managed to rescue her brother with Julia’s help, Aurelia found the cure for the virus with Cailin before facing a dangerous member of the Monolith, and Akari and Stein beat the last defense of the society, modifying the bomb so the explosion could destroy nothing more than the structure itself.




In the end, they managed to escape with a boat before the explosion and destruction of the Monolith. Then they rebuilt their lives separately and received a fair reward from Akari to make their fresh starts easier.

Alias, her brother, and Julia started their new lives in an apartment they bought, far away from all the problems. Aurelia started to live with her mother Eveline and her best friend Cailin as a family. Stein became integrated in the community, doing several jobs in rehabilitation.




And the mysterious Akari was stopping other wars by herself for an unknown amount of time…


It’s 2014, and sooner or later, someone was about to start a rebellion that would change the history of mankind…