Name: S_Nia
Age: 20
Race: Mutated Human, Metal Girl
Traits: Childish, Affectionate, Illiterate, Quick, Daredevil, Adventurer.
Planet of birth: Ora III
Occupation: Unemployed
Weapon: Plasma sniper rifle
Other special skills: Passive invisibility regeneration, quick reflexes and sudden recharge of invisibility

S_Nia is very well-known in the Kaya village where she was born… because of her unpredictable, unusual and overly optimistic behaviour, specially with people involved who tend to think of her as “a batshit insane sniper”.

She was able to earn the “title” of “The Clown of the village” in the place by the villagers who dislike her. When she’s in Ora III, she spends much of the time in a very high sniping point to kill bandits and dangerous monsters around the village…

…though she shoots innofensive monsters planned to be taken down by the hunters from the village sometimes. The plasma shots disintegrates these monsters, leaving no food for the hunters and with many complaints to the sniper girl.

Previously, S_Nia stole the sniper rifle to a soldier and she decided to keep it because she liked it -apparently. The metal arms she has were able to take possession of the weapon’s ID automatically, meaning that only her can shoot the sniper rifle.

When she’s in combat, S_Nia’s body (and clothes and weapon) becomes invisible passively at 100%, but she becomes more visible each time she shoots or someone hits her. Her metal arms have a device for emergency uses that makes her invisibility state turn into 100% again, though she has to use it to get away, because the device’s cooldown is very large.

As a sniper, she doesn’t have much experience in close combat, but she has unusual and quick reflexes to avoid the punches and kicks if possible.

S_Nia is very innapropiate, making uncomfortable questions or making unnecessary demonstrations (and that is a small list of the most fatal things she has done).

In the Kaya village, she has an aunt, Mada, who takes care of her happily each time she’s around her house. The villagers dislike Mada too and planned to increase the price of food only to her… until S_Nia heard that and “made sure” that it won’t happen again. Mada loves her deeply because she’s the only family she has.

She has a very casual romantic relationship with L_Dia… or at least she says so. Since she met L_Dia, she hugged her, kissed her, and even had sex with her in less than 2 days. From then on, S_Nia wants to try many romantic and crazy experiences with L_Dia.