AsFoxger is back!

Hey guys. How are you?

I’m glad to see you again. I know it’s been a while and I’m completely aware that access to this site was disabled, in fact I am the one who did it. Nobody sabotaged the site even in this age of cancel culture.

I this is some kind of follow up of one of the latest entries I made. I was censored, and I’m sure some of you remember that and some of you don’t. I had a conversation with a couple of friends and they asked me “Where did your comics go?” because they weren’t able to read them in comicfury. They didn’t believe what I told them and after showing them what happened, they even asked “They can do that?

So where did my comics go?

That was a common question I had in recent months. Well, I’m gonna answer right here and you’ll see soon why I disabled access to this site to “coming soon”.

Right here. You can watch my comics right here, in this website.

All you need to do is check a few buttons I have displayed in the right side of my website (like “A Yurist Closet read in English“), you click “next” and “previous” below and then you’re good to go (if you are navigating this with a mobile device, you might see the buttons at the bottom, I’ll try to fix this). I updated my site too but I’m aware that there are more things that need to be taken care of, like a “Help” section to help new readers (and the rest of you too, veterans!) how to navigate between strip to strip, because it’s going to be very different from the comics I hosted in comicfury. This is gonna be a big change, and it’s going to get some time to get used to it.

I’ve been uploading everything in this website, so this is the reason I disabled its access. And honestly to take a break, because it’s been pretty hectic over here.

I’m interested in uploading my comics around and I’m not gonna stop. People love reading my comics, including my IRL friends and family members, and more than 300.000 page visits to my greatest webcomic, A Yurist Closet, one of the most offensive webcomics in existence, prove exactly this. Thank you a lot, everyone, you are awesome!

I’m not going to stop. Even if I’m beaten. Even if I post sexy naked ladies for a while. Even if I am offensive.

And don’t think that I’m going to skip my other comic, Geek Roommates! I am all for expanding my audience by adding an lighter alternative that doesn’t focus on dark comedy and violence. As much as I like being offensive, I support an open availability of options, the more options the better, which is one of the reasons I created Geek Roommates, a comedy, slice of life that focus the story of two young adults who are living together and are geeks of different kinds!

What will happen to the other comic, AsFoxger Comics? I’m not continuing it anymore, period. And there are reasons but mainly there are way more popular circles and political cartoonists that can illustrate a situation better than an entire essay and they have better talent than me. It’s not something I can keep up daily so I prefer to focus on A Yurist Closet and Geek Roommates. Besides, it doesn’t serve the necessity of escapism given the fact that the comic was about news, even if they’re anti-censorship -because as much as I hate censorship, I know that there are better sources than a little comic with nine pages.

There is another main reason to not continue with AsFoxger Comics but you’ll see it soon in this entry.

What will happen to my hentai comic, The Yuri Paradise? I know it’s receiving a lot of attention, but it was something I talked about with another artist who is in fact better than me and said “If you wanna do it, go for it, but start over and don’t make Madison with a flat chest, because a) everyone likes boobs and b) If you don’t start over, your first chapter will still give a bad impression to new readers“. So, I liked drawing The Yuri Paradise, but I’m considering if I should re-take this project or not, because I think Geek Roommates and A Yurist Closet have a higher priority.

Will the gallery finally be updated? Yes, finally. I found it better to release entries with alerts, including tags, than update one page over and over without alerts. There’s a button for that in the right side. I may still a bit more time to categorize the NSFW ones.

And this is a perfect time for me to announce that my work here from now on will be censorship-free and politics-free. Nothing you’ll see here will be censored and nothing you’ll see here will be identity politics. As an artist who supports escapism in entertainment for individuals who can differentiate the art from the artist, I already do great work just doing what I’m doing. I will keep at it. I can promise this.

For better and beyond, AsFoxger comes back more powerful than you could possibly imagine!

I will return to normal activities the 24th of August of 2020.

Those who enjoy my work, you are welcome!